PVC harmonics

Harmonics are folding systems for PVC doors or windows or glass walls, ensuring an effective and total transition from inside to outside. Harmonics can be used for mapping and partitioning the residential and office interiors, with the advantage of immediate removal without keeping the supporting elements in passage areas.

Harmonics have the advantage of wider opening and without fixed panels of glass walls, helping to rapid reorganization of space.


Harmonics are elegant and efficient transition solutions between indoor and outdoor, which integrate PVC joinery elements with double glazed or triple glass and strong fittings and weight support. The advantage of PVC joinery is low weight that allows the attachment of a large number of modules in the harmonic system.

Configuration of the harmonic systems can integrate classical opening doors or windows on hinges at one end of the system.

Harmonics bring flexibility as main attribute, and, besides providing space opening, they allow to customize the access type. The walls, doors and windows can be harmonically opened, in total or in part, and their silent move is due to the high quality of the guide rails (upper or lower) and the encapsulated stainless steel bearings that enable effortless operation.

Harmonics have a double-glazed window system (glazing) or triple-glazed (tripan) which has thermal insulating and anti-burglary qualities. At an ambient temperature of 0°C, the system with classic glass ensures an internal temperature of 5°C, the simple system with double or triple glazing glass ensures a of temperature 10°C, and the simple system with double-glazing with Low-E pellicle ensures a temperature up to 17°C.

For indoor, harmonics can be made of tempered glass with or without frame, and the weight supporting system can be integrated in the floor or ceiling of the room. For indoor harmonics, the "U" profile of the rail allows passing from one space to another without slope, while the outside harmonics rails are concealed in the aluminum joinery integrating a slot for receiving and redirecting the possible leaks.

For very large harmonic doors, automation is a solution that eases handling and extended the product life.

The advantages

  • Space saving;

  • Tightness;

  • Silent motion;

  • Quick fixing;

  • Thermal and sound insulation;

  • Anti-burglary system;

  • Fire and weather resistant;

  • Safety and easy handling;

  • Long operation and easy maintenance;

  • Total open with no elements obstructing the view or access;

  • Customizable openings on lines (horizontal or classic swivel).


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