Welcome to MGroup Romania.

The team responsible for our success in the last 20 years is continuously growing. Our achievements are not based on luck, or happy accidents, but the people we have gathered together and gave all the best for the company.

Our policy is to create a relaxed environment in the workplace to encourage innovation, creativity and developing individual capacities to solve problems. Cooperation Is encouraged and cultivated, integration and support of each individual are constantly, not only in statements but in moments of success.

We do not like compromises in terms of the finished product quality and therefore we follow the highest standards to provide the highest quality services. For this reason, we work together with our employees to develop their native or acquired qualities and to identify the place that suits them best. A strong team is based on the right man at the right place.

We offer a dynamic environment for professional and personal growth, which encourages continuous improvement and collaboration. In addition, we offer multiple carreer opportunities, training and a dynamic environment based on teamwork. We use the latest technology in clean and safe spaces which complies with international regulations.

If you have technical or administrative skills and you think you can bring added value to M Group team, please complete the form below and a CV and present yourself. Your career will have the rise and growth ensuring your long-term future.

  1. Competitive benefits package;
  2. Relevant and updated trainings;
  3. Equal opportunities;
  4. Stability and experience of a company with an age of 20 years;
  5. Clean environment based on teamwork;
  6. Career opportunities and guarantee of long-term safety;
  7. The advantage and safety of next-generation equipment;
  8. Special offers on all products for M Group employees

If you have disabilities and need help in completing the form online, or any other difficulties in applying for a job at M Group, our colleagues from the human resources department are at your disposal if you dial 021 233 3114 during working hours.

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215 Bucuresti Road

Ciorogirla, Ilfov 077055