Who we are

We are a team that is built around a core group of engineers and technicians. We are working together since 1996 and we have welded a group open to our customers and constantly vigilant of quality.

We have built our team selecting, forming and retaining the best people, and the longevity of our collaboration makes us work as a well-oiled machine, a perfectly balanced and reliable mechanism. Each member knows what is expected of him and that we can not afford to do any work below expectations.

The projects we propose our customers are made entirely by our team and the quality guarantee is given by the total control that we have in each phase of the project.

We offer qualified advice based on over 20 years of experience, customized design and planning followed by implementation and project components in our own assembly production halls.

Installation and delivery of the final product is for us as important as any of the production phases, just as the planning and production are.

For us, a project ends only by the certainty that we have a satisfied customer.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who take seriously the quality of final products and the difficulty of building a name for ourselves. We know our reputation is a guarantee and we have worked steadily over the last 20 years, to add the guarantee of our name.

  • Steady and robust business growth for 20 years;
  • Strict quality control;
  • Always working with the newest technical solutions;
  • Careful planning and consistency in project implementation;
  • Strict time management control;
  • United team of engineers and technicians;
  • Adaptability to customer requirements and budget;
  • Offers consulting and maintenance after the project delivery.

Values ​​M Group Romania

Time is an important resource that should not be wasted. Therefore M Group Romania can be your reliable partner.


Perfect results imply a process of implementing the project based on TIME MANAGEMENT and QUALITY MANAGEMENT.


Pursuing perfection by design. In the long term, avoid spending resources on unnecessary interventions restoration or retouching


We are involved in long-term projects, providing a constant and consistent with our customers. We are the partners you can rely on.


The quality of our products mean our customers streamline costs are taken care of. A product of poor quality as a product that proves expensive over time.


215 Bucuresti Road

Ciorogirla, Ilfov 077055